In November 2023, the toughest 8-man fight tournament in the country will take place, without a weight category. 3 rounds of 2 minutes each per fight. The fights are fought according to the classic boxing rules, but with MMA gloves and sports or boxing shoes.

The winner receives 5,000 euros

2nd place 1,800 euros

3rd places 500 euros

Minimum age 21 years| Medical certificate confirming the physical ability to participate | Martial arts experience Strong taker skills | Criminal record clear of all offenses against children | HIV AND HEPATITIS negative result.

A notice:

It is fought topless and with sports or boxing shoes, all fights with MMA gloves, with mouthguard and groin guard. Desired color of shorts, shoes and gloves is black.

Everyone must bring a cut-man or a trainer with cut-man abilities. Each fighter will get a temporary tattoo on the back with the Alliance Child Protection logo. As supporters of child protection, the fighters stand godfather as the strongest fighting for the weakest, our children. Furthermore, there are no annoying doping or steroid controls and tests with us. We ask for your understanding that no pets can be brought to the event.


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